Yi, the haskell editor

My latest shinything fascination is with Yi, an emacs-like editor written in Haskell. State! GUIs! Monads! What fun. It is entirely made of awesome.

It’s not the easiest program to start playing with, so I’ve written up some installation instructions and a beginner guide here. If you want to see what a real-world Haskell application looks like, yi is a great example.

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Hi Andy,

I’ve followed your tutorial on how to install Yi on Ubuntu, but I must miss something.

On step 3 “Installing tools from hackage”, how do you name the bash script ? (I’ve supposed “haskell-build” by reading the following steps).

Now when I try “apply …”, the command seems not found. I’m new with Haskell (and Linux too, so don’t blame me).

Thanks for all,


Thanks for the guide for Yi! Finally got to play around with it, and your guide really helped. It’s quickly getting a bit outdated in the installation part (dependencies), but trivial to fix.

kib2: just paste the commands into your running shell; you don’t need to create a separate shell script.

jan: Thanks. I’ve updated the dependencies to include fingertree, so hopefully its up-to-date again.

kib2: just save the bash funcitons in a file and source it . or paste it directly at the bash prompt for a one time use.

I had to install haddock before i could get Yi to make all.
On the whole this looks interesting 🙂

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