Amazon / UndoDB / concurrency’s Scottish developer center is expanding and hiring lots more developers and team leads. It’s located next to the Forth Road Bridge, near Edinburgh, and close to all the major traffic links. It is a very cool place to work, and the office has a great atmosphere. You’d be working on the software which underpins one of the world’s largest e-commerce sites. The massive scale of things makes the job exciting – massive traffic levels, extremely high reliability requirements, and demanding real-time requirements. If it all gets too much, chill out in the games room and shoot a few games of pool. If you think you are up to the challenges, please look through the recruitment site and mention “Andrew Birkett’s website” as your referral. 🙂

Speaking of companies who are doing cool things, check out Undo Software. They have built a time-travelling extension for the gcc debugger under linux. Pretty cool stuff, similar to the ocaml time-travelling debugger. If you are a C/C++ programmer who is a bit jealous of all the cool toys you get for other languages check it out.