Hello again, Bjarne

Yet again, I can write the words:

I started my new job this week.

Everything has gone very well – nice people, good location, good conditions. It’s a C++ shop, so this will probably revitalise my interest in C++ tools all over again. It’s a pleasure to be using Qt as well. It’s a very nice GUI toolkit.

This week also saw the birth of #deved on freenode, an irc channel aimed at (but not exclusively) software developers in Edinburgh. As I’ve recently discovered, you can play a Kevin Bacon game between IT companies in Edinburgh, and you end up with a very small number. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re considering telling your boss exactly what you think of him/her! Anyhow, #deved is a place for people from the Edinburgh IT industry to witter endlessly to each other about code and beer.