It’s been a week since the Bongo Club gig. It was great – the venue was lovely, there were loads of people there (140 or so) and I had lots of fun.

Photos: PROXY by James, TINY MONKEY (mostly) by DomC, and 8MWTD by various.

There was lots of fun onstage. Thomas got his headstock tangled up in the mic stand whilst engaging ROCK MODE during the intro to slasherflick. I didn’t notice. I thought he’d just decided to mix things up a bit and improv a new line because, despite having a mic stand attached to his guitar, he didn’t miss a note. Keef’s straight-from-the-heart “I just wanted to say: that was one of the most awesome things I’ve ever done” was brilliant. And I was pretty pleased that we managed to pull off the “introduce the band” thing considering I only told the other guys about it a few minutes before we went on. 🙂

Our set: Only wrote, Mort, Roll over funky bluez thing, Welcome to Paradise, Days like these, Fox, Sardines, Slasherflick, Tigershaped,