Now is then when then is now

Zeitgeist, through the medium of tools and bookmarks:

The tools I couldn’t live without in 2005: mythtv / web developer toolbar / live headers / nxml-mode / aliasadd / sed/grep/sort/uniq / unison / freemind

Neat stuff I found this year: iftop / dnstop / dbtoy / wmctrl / metalog / clamav

Thank you delicious and bloglines for that magic “where did those 3 hours go?” effect.

Quote of the year: “I’m very excited. I’m just hiding it well.”

And, courtesy of firefox’s “sort by add date” in bookmark manager:

January: DIY high-altitude glider
February: Edinburgh in 1844
March: Continuations for the web
April: Looping over filenames-with-spaces in bash
May: The world is not round
June: South Pole blog
July: Student’s T distribution
August: The Hammock wiki
September: Francis Crick profile
October: High-speed video of pool shots
November: Bad cookies in firefox
December: Programmers need to learn statistic, or I will kill them all

1 reply on “Now is then when then is now”

ah. but which now? now isn’t now. it’s then. but soon we’ll have the now. which will be the then. but now it’s now.

bye now!

(and happy new year!)

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