Employ wiki grass extensions

After the longest interview process in the world, my new job looks something like this. I am very excited. 🙂

I’d managed to glance at the TiddlyWiki website a few months ago without managing to notice that it is a complete wiki within a single HTML page. A single-user wiki, admittedly. But an impressive HTML + CSS + Javascript tour de force. Download a copy to your local disk, and after saying “Yes, this javascript is allowed to save to disk”, you can edit away. I’m impressed and horrified in equal measure.

I have been doing some more map-work in the background, using the baroque, heavyweight but very featureful GRASS package. I should have something tangible up on the web soon. Furthermore, I am writing GRASS tutorial so that other open-map folks can learn grass without enduring quite as much pain.

Firefox extensions rock, and after recently upgrading I’ve settled on the following must-have extensions: Web developers toolbar, some Live HTTP headers and an Aardvark for general web development, plus user agent switcher, TargetAlert and a better Download manager for general day to day stuff.

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Thanks guys. 🙂 Amazon opened a Development Center just outside Edinburgh last year, so I don’t have to move far. As for what I’ll be doing, it’s going to be stuff which’ll go onto the main worldwide site. That’s pretty exciting in itself, but the associated quality, reliability and scalability challenges are something I’m looking forward to dealing with.

congrats with new job – so you’ll be joining AndyM? Those gits are getting all the smart dudes of Edinburgh. When are they planning to take over the world??


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