The Future

I always liked Technetcast and now I’m listenting to it’s spiritual descendent, IT Conversations. It’s a collection of presentations and lectures from various conferences around the world, all in mp3 format. So I copy them onto my mp3 player, and I get to listen to Steve Wozniak telling his life story while I’m at the gym, or Stephen Wolfram talking about physics as I cycle somewhere.

This is the kind of thing that The Future always promised when I was younger. I can have video chats with my family over the internet. I can listen to audio lectures anywhere I want on a tiny portable device. I can check my email using GPRS halfway down a mountain biking trail. I can watch a degree level course on electromagnetism from MIT whenever I want, from the comfort of my own flat.

Okay, so we don’t have teleporters yet. And hard AI didn’t do so well. But, all things considered, the Future is doing pretty well.

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heh. and they had hoverboards on the news this morning.

hello future!

now where are those robotic overlords kevin warwick has been warning us about for the last few years?

its wonderful isnt it? if you took someone from a few years back and put them in today it they would be totally dazed at the difference. what i mean is, amount, range and availibility of new technology in the last couple of years is so much more than ever before … my first visit. nice site 🙂

Hard AI is doing fine, it just hasn’t told you yet.

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