Little rays of happiness

I finally got around to buying a replacement axle for my bike today to replace the quick-release one which some eejit took from my bike a week ago. (When I texted Susan to tell her what’d happened, my predictive text didn’t know many of the words I used to describe said person). So, I went to the Bicycle Repair Man (a shop in Newington) and the bicycle repair man (the man who works there) said “Ah, this is what you want” and pulled a packet containing front+rear spindles from the shelf, marked with the princely sum of twelve pounds. Now, I thought “that’s going to be expensive, given that I only have a use for a front spindle”. But, before I said anything, the guy had already opened the packet, took out just the front spindle and said “that’ll be six pounds”.

Yay! How nice is that? Most shops would’ve used that as an opportunity to extract maximum money from me … “I’m sorry sir, they only come in packets of two”. Instead, I got the part I need, the other spindle will get used to fix someones bike eventually, and the guy has got one happy customer who’s going to back there in future and tell all his friends about it. Yay for the Bicycle Repair Man in Newington! 🙂

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As an added bonus I’m sure the bicycle repair man knew all the words your predictive text didn’t.

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