Hello again, Bjarne

Yet again, I can write the words:

I started my new job this week.

Everything has gone very well – nice people, good location, good conditions. It’s a C++ shop, so this will probably revitalise my interest in C++ tools all over again. It’s a pleasure to be using Qt as well. It’s a very nice GUI toolkit.

This week also saw the birth of #deved on freenode, an irc channel aimed at (but not exclusively) software developers in Edinburgh. As I’ve recently discovered, you can play a Kevin Bacon game between IT companies in Edinburgh, and you end up with a very small number. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re considering telling your boss exactly what you think of him/her! Anyhow, #deved is a place for people from the Edinburgh IT industry to witter endlessly to each other about code and beer.

4 replies on “Hello again, Bjarne”

Hey, this stuff looks fun. Nice one. Are you working on a specific product? The forthcoming PCB layout stuff sounds nice.

Hope you’re not announcing another new job any time soon.

I think you should have kept this job for more than two minutes – it sounds quite good, and not that different to the subsequent one.

(Check blog web page for context.)

Now Andrew’s deleted his duplicate post, my highly amusing comment above makes no sense.

Something else that may make no sense once he’s deleted them: Andrew, you’ve got a couple of spam comments.

Excellent! Redefining teaching software, well done. Hopefully this one works out. I am rapidly begin to appreciate how much job hunting sucks.

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