Danger, danger

Climbing is a high-risk sport, yeah?

Last night at Alien Rock some kids threw a firework rocket into the main climbing area. I was part-way up a climb when I heard this loud screeching sound. I’d just started to think “That sounds just like a …” when I turned around to see what looked like a sparkler weaving violently across the room, heading straight towards me. I turned back to face the wall and make sure I had a good hold (inbuilt sense of self-preservation kicking in) when the rocket exploded just behind me, and immediately on front of DaveM who was belaying for me. Fortunately, it was just made a big bang at the end rather than sending out a shower of sparks. But there was little bits of rocket left on the floor, and I think Dave got hit by something hot on his eyebrow.

So, yeah, next time you go climbing, double-check your rope and harness and watch out for incoming explosives!