C++ Templates and IntelliJ

This Kuro5hin article about ” What’s wrong with C templates?” has lots of interesting questions/answers after it.

I’ve been eval’ing the IntelliJ IDEA java IDE recently. I’m not currently writing any java programs, so I dug out my old raytracer to try out the browsing and refactoring tools on. I’ve been hugely impressed by the feature set. The basic GUI is well thought out and useable. The autocompletion and refactoring facilities work well. It has many “intentional” features – for example, you can type in code which refers to non-existant functions/classes, and it’ll provide a little icon which allows you to choose “create this class” or “rename this reference”. It is integrated with CVS, JUnit and Ant. It also has it’s own local version control system, so you can ask it “what changes did I make in the last 5 minutes”. I’ve not yet found out how it handles searching API documentation, and it does require a whole heap of memory. But, it’s definitely way cool. Java isn’t the best language in the world, but IntelliJ idea makes the whole kaboodle very attractive.

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this is quite misleading coming from a google search for “c++ intellij”

since you well know how addictive refactoring tools are in java, ill just put this small tidbit for future travelers…

togetherJ/c++ is so far the smartest c++ tool I’ve found for useful refactoring/organization tasks of c++.


It’s a sad day when authors are expected to go out of their way to compensate for the inadequacies of today’s search engines. Blame google, not me.

But thanks for the tidbit, I’ll have a look at TogetherJ/c++ and see how it fares.

I just looked up “Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin” on Google and ended up here. I find this fairly misleading 😉

Eep, now Google *will* index this page under “Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin”! Your wit has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 🙂

And if I mention “Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin” again, it’ll just make things worse.

Hmmm, you’re right. You’d better add some Indo-Pacific hump-backed dolphin content.

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