New Job!

I’ll shortly be leaving Voxar, after five years there. In September I’ll be starting at Ergnosis. They’re a Bristol-based company, but I’ll still be living in Edinburgh and will be telecommuting most of the time. I’m very excited to be joining them, although I’m a bit nervous to see how I deal with home-working over a long period of time. This means that I’ll finally be spending my paid-work hours on making better development tools! Joy! 🙂

This happy event is connected to the blogging world in two ways. Firstly, I initially discovered the company via James Robertson’s Smalltalk blog. Secondly, my own blog streamlined the interview process. It let the guys at Ergnosis see what kind of stuff I’m interested in, and get an idea of my views on life and software tools. When I started writing this blog, my intention was to capture some notes on the stuff I’m thinking about. I was also aware that it could act as a sort of “professional biography”. I had no idea that, three months after starting writing it, I’d be switching to a new job!