T – one week

Next weekend is round one of the SXC race series. It’s at Kirroughtree, roughly west of Dumfries.

Do I think I’m well prepared? Hmm, probably not. I haven’t been to a trail centre since last year. Glentress has been covered with snow since January, so not much opportunity to practice technique.

However, I have been riding the long route to work (vaguely offroad) twice a week for the last while. Plus, I’ve managed a 30 mile offroad ride at the weekend twice, and I cycled back from Kirkcaldy (about 28 miles) today on the road which felt pretty straightforward. So I think my stamina and fitness levels are pretty good, but it’s been a while since I went down anything steep and twisty.

So if the Kirroughtree is all about climbing hills and keeping a fast pace, I should be okay. But if it’s a technical course with lots of roots/rocks .. well, it’s going to be a steep re-learning curve! Fingers crossed. 🙂