Arthur’s Seat challenge

Finally the ice has (almost) cleared from Holyrood Park, so I was able to do my homebrew “fitness test” to start my training. I figure that timing myself over three laps of Holyrood Park / Arthurs Seat will be a good yardstick. I can come back and do the same course in a few months and see if I’ve got faster. There’s little in the way of traffic lights or junctions, and it’s a mixture of steepish climbs, fast descents and a fair bit of flat road too.

Date: Jan 16th 2010, 15:00
Route: Holyrood Park loop (3.3mi including 100m ascent)
Distance: 3 loops of 3.3mi, plus 2mi there and 2mi back = 14miles.
Bike: Courier Nexus

Lap 1: 13m50s, 153bpm average => 14.3mph average
Lap 2: 14m22s, 155bpm average => 13.8mph average
Lap 3: 14m26s, 155bpm average => 13.7mph average

Notes: Start/end at zebra crossing near Holyrood Palace. Snowgates were shut at bottom of hill, requiring a short muddy/icy excursion. Lots of pedestrians around, but didn’t have to stop for traffic.

Heartrate was 160-163 climbing the hill, which felt sustainable. Went up to 167 after the final steepest bit of the climb, which didn’t feel so sustainable! Tried to keep at 150-160bpm round the rest of the lap, but ran out of gears on the downhill.

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  1. Hi Andy, just clicked on this “LE-Jog” link expecting it to be stale, and find you’re working for your next challenge! Good on y’! Cheers, Ian.

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