Arg, I fell going along the flat cycle path near Cramond. There’s a wee bump that I normally ride over; today I lifted the front wheel over but let the rear hit it. This caused the rear to shoot up, pitching me over the front wheel and landing at non-trivial speed on my right shoulder. Bounce, bounce, roll. Ouch. Felt like my right shoulder was probably broken. No phone reception, so got back carefully onto bike and rolled back towards town a bit, then phoned for rescue. Decided to take a proper look and, yes, very obviously broken. Mega thanks to Jon for getting me to hospital and recovering my bike too. Xray showed clavicle broken, near the shoulder and, since the bone is pointing up at a jaunty angle it’s likely I’ve detatched one of these ligaments. Pah, fracture clinic tomorrow and either ‘conservative management’ (ie. do basically nothing) or surgery to pin it.

I’m in good company though!

I have some Good painkillers, but won’t be cycling, motorbiking, climbing, driving, karting, drinking, breadmaking, or typing properly (left hand only, painfully slow!) for weeks. 10UTB is a no-no, as are most if not all SXC events. Still, could’ve been worse .. fortunate it happened close to town. Ironic that it happened on a straight flat path which I ride on several times a week.