Aston-juxta Mondrum

Aston-juxta Mondrum

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I’ve seen a lot of weird place names on my travels but Aston-juxta Mondrum is the current winner.
Today started at ironbridge with a pretty steep climb up out of the gorge, but after that it was very flat with a tail wind. Gps said 51 miles, ctc route says 57. I had the gps on battery saver mode and it lost reception a few times in the rain. Either way, 3h44 pedalling, 1h lunch, and 30mins sheltering from rain. Arrived at bnb at 3pm, all admin done by 5pm and i’m having a relaxing time. The weather forecast was spot on – rain in morning, dry at lunch, heavy rain later. I arrived just as the later rain started, phew. Rain at the end of the day is a big deal because you have to dry all your gear overnight.
I just checked the map, and i’m nearly at the top of wales! Tomorrow’s map page is full of colored ink – manchester and motorways everywhere, but hopefully that’ll keep the traffic off the wee white roads i ride on.

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  1. Another unusual place name to add to your list alongside the likes of ‘Constable Burton’ and ‘Dull’.

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