Stanton Long

Stanton Long

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More pretty countryside to cycle through today. There was no room in the inn at Much Wenlock, so i had to come across to Broseley for the night. All in all, 67 miles today, and I got here at 1715 which is my earliest ever arrival. Gps says i was moving for just over 5 hours, which means an average speed of 13.4mph. What a difference a tail wind makes! I spent the last hour of the day sprinting to keep ahead of a massive rain cloud which was blackening the sky behind me.
Techwise, today was all about adapting to changing weather. I just kept the rain covers on my shoes all day. Rain jacket and trousers lived on top of each pannier, held down by the strap so that they were easy to get to. Rain gloves were in the jacket pocket. I also found that i could wedge my map case between the aerobars, which makes it much easier to get to.
So what shall we do tonight? Same thing we do every night – shower, wash clothes, yoga, food, route review and bed.

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  1. Loving you log Andy. You should put your bike in a few more of the shots – that gate was made for it! Keep enjoying the tea shops – it’s what cycling is for, after all! Ian.

  2. On Europvision night, you seriously wrote “So what shall we do tonight?”…..??!!! tsk


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