De Greys Tearoom, Ludlow

De Greys Tearoom, Ludlow

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I’m sure i read about this place on someone else’s lejog trip report – probably Andrew McHattie’s.
I stumbled in here, panniers swinging, before i made the connection. I’d describe it as the Jenners of the tea room world. I think i walked past Miss Marple on the way in. Not exactly cyclist central, but i’ve got used to brazenly stomping into delicate tearooms with full cycling gear. They served a tasty steak pie but lousy latte – but what was i thinking walking into a tea house and asking for coffee?!
I managed 40 miles before lunch at 1pm, aided by a useful tail wind. Wait, what’s that? It’s like a wind . . that helps you rather than hinders you. A cyclist power-up if you like!
Weather has been showers on and off. I’ve stopped four times to shelter under trees to avoid the worst of the rain, but the wind blows it over quickly (the rain, Anthony, not the tree!). I was very focused on getting the miles done this morning, lots of heads down pedalling and munching of snacks whilst on the move. The biggest hassle was switching clothes a million times – jacket on, jacket off, rain trousers on, then off again. Still, i have my gear stowage nicely optimised now! Another 25 or so miles left to Ironbridge, though the forecast for the afternoon was poorer.

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  1. See, ANY blog that talks about tearooms is a winner in my books… 🙂 Love reading about your journey – hope the weather improves for you. x

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