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Just wanted to say thanks for all the comment, emails, texts and sponsorship over the last few days. It’s great to hear from people, especially when i’m in the middle of nowhere at the time! ?Mostly for my own recollection, here’s what my days look like: ?0745 Get up, watch weather forecast.?0800 Breakfast. Cereal, full english, lots of toast and tea.?0830 Review route, get changed into cycling gear, put on suncream and repack panniers.?0900 Start pedalling. Repeat until hungry.?1130 Stop for tea and pancake stack.?1200 Lots more pedalling, some pushing! ?1330 Stop for soup, cake and tea.?1415 Pedal pedal. Take rain gear off and on several times.?1715 Brief mega snack from my panniers. Avoids the late afternoon crunch which i noticed on day 2.?1800-1900 Arrive at bnb, have shower.?1930 eat dinner. This has been tesco’s pasta on day 1, fish and chips on day 2 and a 3 course sit down meal tonight. ?2030 wash cycling gear in sink, dry using the magic travellers method involving rolling in a towel.?2100 stretches and a bit of yoga. ?2130 pre bed snack, some flapjacks or nuts and hot chocolate. Plus lots of texting and internetting. Mobile internet is so cool. Opera mini is particularly impressive, but the phone in general is a really capable device. After typing all these blog posts on my phone keypad, i think i can probably text as fast as am average 14 year old now! ?2230 and so to bed. On day 1 i kept dreaming about pedalling and turning corners, but hopefully my brain is over that now. 🙂 ?Oh, photo is of my rather spacious room in the bnb which turned out to be a mansion!

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  1. you don’t know me but i am a cousin of your grandmother Irene. Am following your journey with great interest and would like to sponsor you. Will Phone irene and ask how I can do this.
    Keep pedalling

  2. Hee hee, the brain dream pedalling thing makes me laugh 🙂 I totally get that 🙂

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