Accidental epic

I accidentally did a 10.3 mile ride today. I really just meant to go out and practise balancing, but I found a new path down through Granton. Once I got to Granton, I thought I may as well ride along the shore rather than go back up any hills. I rode through the industrial estate, crossing sideroads by riding off kerbs and hopping up the other side. That lead eventually to the Esplanade. It’s a good place to ride, so I practised mini-idles, hops, and rolling hops. I carried right along until I got to Cramond. The choice was then between riding up the dull and steep hill, or continuing along the River Almond on offroad trails. Easy choice! Lots of mud and puddles and bumps to keep things interesting. This took me to Cramond Brig. Now I had another choice. Rather than head home through Drylaw, I phoned to arrange to meet family for lunch in South Queensferry. So, i continued my ride, out through Dalmeny and down the steep hill to the Hawes Inn for lunch and a pint. A grand total of 10.3 miles!