Establishing the perimeter

Tonight, I ended up riding around Inverleith Park in the evening sun. I rode 1.5x round the rough ‘jogging track’ which goes around the outside of the park. I’m starting to really enjoy unicycling on rough ground. It’s everything I enjoy about mountain biking, but about twice as hard. You are constantly analysing possible paths, looking for bumps and checking out which way the local “downhill” is. Sometimes it’s better to ride over a rough bit of ground to get “up high” and then be able to ride downhill from there, or to weave to the side in order to cross a root at right angles. All these plans are made and executed (or discarded) in the space of a second or two. Often, you run out of time to figure out the best route, and have to live with the consequencies of whichever route you were setting up for (how bayesian). Might as well hope for the best, keep pedalling and see what happens!