Today, Glentress. Sprinty-sprint up the uphills, slightly circumspect on the downhills. Managed to get the bike sideways for a big slide on the first SpookyWood switchback, but held it. The slide lasted long enough for me to think “hey, glad I put kneepads on today in case this gets away from me”. Loved the resurfaced right-hander which used to be a braking-rut disaster – rather more like an autobahn now. Rode “Berm Baby Berm” for the first time – nice, but I’d skitter out a bit wide, and then get wider and wider. Possibly I had my tyres pumped up too much. I meant to let up bit of air out of them at the top of the climb, but after Geoff’s four (I think) punctures I left them well alone.

Alpe d’Huez is a month away.