Training ground, revisited.

Thanks for the practise, Mennock Pass, turns out you were ideal prep for Cornwall and Devon! Today was a long slog against the wind and a succession of smaller hills across into Ayrshire. Not many photo ops, just lots of hard won miles. I stopped for an early lunch at a nice farm shop just south of Thornhill. I had just cycled past it when the heavens opened, which i took to be a sign that it was lunchtime!
Chatted to another LEJOG’r, Mike from Kent. It’s pretty easy to spot long distance cyclists. They’re the ones who look like they’re prepared for all conditions, and they have a certain ‘could do this all day’ steady pace. I settled on ‘going far?’ as my opening line. 🙂
Lots of traffic on the Kilmarnock road today. The lorry drivers have all been great, holding back until there’s space to pass, and i’ve had lots of friendly waves when i’ve pulled into the side so that they don’t have to come grinding to a halt up a hill. Bus drivers are probably the worst, guess they’re on a schedule.