Manchester canal toll bridge

A wierd anachronism, a toll bridge cross the canal which costs 12p for cars to cross. I wonder how long ago the cost was last changed!
I’m about 5 miles before Chorley. Been dodging black clouds all morning but happily never got very wet. I’ve ducked into a pub for lunch to avoid the latest rain cloud. The roads have been fine, despite the scary motorway laced appearance of the map.
My right knee started getting a bit sore yesterday. I think i twisted it slightly when i was changing down gears and went down one too many. Plus the roads have been a bit rough at times. If you hit a bump just at the wrong point of the pedal stroke, your joint gets a knock. So i ended up taking ibuprofen for the first time and have been fine since.
I’m kinda enjoying this phase – by the end of the day I’ll be halfway. I’ll be one day away from Kendal, which is the start of more familiar territory for me. Then one more day sees me in scotland! Yay!