The best laid plans

The best laid plans

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Due north for the next 5 map pages!
I’ve reworked my plans a bit. Partly to get to places on days when my family can make it along for meetups, but mostly because the longer days i’d planned for the next few stages just don’t look sane given my typical days so far. And of course, who knows what the weather will do! So, here’s the revised plan.
Sat, Ross on Wye to Much Wenlock.
Sun, to Middlewich
Mon, to Whalley
Tue, to Kendal
Wed, to Gretna
I dug around on the gps last night and found that its route point memory is full with 10 routes containing 50 points. I’m sure the internet said it stored 20 routes and 50 points. Regardless, shame on me for not verifying. Still, i’m very glad i bought a good waterproof map case, because it means i can bungee it to the bike rack and check it fairly easily. Not as good as a bar bag, but i didn’t want one of them – another bag to lug, no space on bars anyway. It’s been rained on lots, and maps are still dry. Still miss the gps a lot, though it’s still been a big help even just in track mode.

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  1. It may be that the Garmin Legend has had various versions over time, while still externally looking the same – I note references to the eTrex Legend and the eTrex Legend C on the Garmin site. They both lead to a page saying discontinued – it may be that the specs varied as to number of routes carried etc, but cannot find info on the site to confirm.

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