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Exmoor, aka the middle of nowhere. Given that the map was green in this area, i thought the whole thing was forest. But, no, it is plain old full of nothing moorland. And, having made it up the 400m ascent after north molton I was rewarded by . . . being in a cloud. On with full waterproofs for the first time this trip. But today has seen fewer short sharp hills and more rolling countryside. The one short sharp climb was made more fun by having a huge two stage sheep lorry attempt to get down into the village. In the end, the lorry driver had to get out and manouver a car belonging to a clueless local back down the hill in reverse. ?H’ve stopped for lunch in a lovely tea room in Winsford. However i’ve come to realise that any village which has a stream running through it is usually followed by a big climb. Time to find out!

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  1. What you mean “middle of nowhere”!??!?? That’s my home turf that is! Well, Devon is anyway. Maybe you’re referring to the bit in Somerset!

    Watch out for the Beast http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beast_of_Exmoor

    Good luck!


    PS Just getting round to sponsoring!

    PPS You are so going to leave me for dead @ Glentress after this. Well, more so, anyway…

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