A good sign

A good sign

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Phew, that’s Cornwall done! And, to be honest, i’m glad. Them cornish hills lived up to their reputation. Tired legs and bags meant i had to push up a fair few hills today. But what kind of crazy person at the ctc thought it was a good idea to route over 3 30% gradients? Grumble. One of those descents had just been resurfaced too, which lead to some exciting glentress moments. ?Anyhow, some highlights. There was a brilliant fast long downhill into Tintagel which was a lot of fun. Uhm, and the headwind had dropped from 35mph down to 16mph. Small mercies. Hmm, i’m struggling for good news here. The approach to Torrington include a walk up the steepest residential street i’ve ever seen – mill st is as steep as cockburn st in edinburgh but about 4 times the length. Oh, navigation is good. Loving the gps. I did ad lib a couple of times today, and regretted it every time. And i’m enjoying the ipod when i’m on quiet country roads, although i got some surreal tune picks going up big hills, particularly Prince Charming. ?The other thing which has been notable is the kindness of strangers, even including the countless car drivers who have patiently waited behind me until i reached a point where i could pull in and let them by. The lady who runs tonights bnb have me a lift back into town so i could get food. The builder who i asked directions from were great. Yay for humanity! (I wasn’t saying that on friday night when my motorbike got pushed over for the second time in 2 months).?Anyhow, i need to check in with home to see where i’m staying tomorrow and get a preview of the hills. I know that day 4 is super flat, with the exception of cheddar gorge. But i think day 3 is every bit as hilly as today was. Still, i made it to here and i don’t feel too bad really. No injuries or awful aches yet. Hopefully the wind will turn tomorrow and I’ll get a break. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming . . .

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  1. Loving your blog Andy. The first three days are supposed to be the worst – you’ll be flying by tomorrow!

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