Must … not …

Must … not …

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A typical country lane from the ctc bnb route. Very little traffic, plenty of hills. ?But in other news, the lovely people who run tonights bnb welcomed me with cups of tea, then later once i’d fixed their computer we got onto the whisky. Ahem, that’s not in any standard training plan! ?Today in summary: lose: gale force headwind, forcing me down to below walking pace through Penzance. Win: aero bars for minimizing drag. Lose: taking a wrong turning almost straight away and adding a monster climb out of Mousehole unnecesarily. Win: getting 15ukp sponsorship from some random german tourists at lands end. Lose: hearing a clunk going downhill fast, but not realising that i’d lost the top of one of my waterbottles until miles later. Double lose: also missing a turnoff at the same place. Win: rear view mirror. I love it. Lose: the last 10 miles into Wadebridge. Main road at busy time, still windy, pretty hilly. Win: navigating by gps, brilliant. Win: changing the gearing on my bike, couldn’t have done some of those hills on the stock gears. ?Anyhow, i have to do some washing and eating before bed.

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  1. Probably just me, but when I see ‘aero bars’, I think chocolate…… hehe. Yay for a day of wins which seem to have (just) beaten the loses. x

  2. Thanks for checking in. Love the smaller photo posts too.

    I write to offer goodwill and encouragement, because there was alarming content in our IRC channel when I came in this morning:

    New blog post! “Must … not …” (

    * andy_on_wheels has quit (Remote host closed the connection)

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