I’ve been out on the new 26″ muni. It’s different enough from the 20″ wheel to make me like a bit of a noob again. I can ride it fine, but everything is a bit sketchier. My success rate for freemounts is way down. I can still ride it, but everything requires much more concentration and active input. I know this will pass – it’s just a phase of getting used to the bigger/heavier cycle, but it’s frustrating nonetheless. There are some upsides though – the bigger wheel means I ride right straight over ~10cm obstacles without hopping.

My first ride out was with super-low tyre pressure and was like riding a pogo stick. I pumped them up to 20psi today and it was a lot better, although still pretty squishy. I think for paths + light offroad, something higher would be better.

I flipped back to the old uni for a bit of tricks practise. Having got pretty comfortable with jump mounts, I managed to do a 90 degree jump mount (spinning unicycle whilst jumping onto it). It’s a baby-step towards a 180 jump mount. I also started trying a crank-roll mount .. man, that’s a whole new level of difficult.