A jump to the left

Given that I can hop on the spot, what next? Hopping over objects! I started small, hopping over a twig – which was a good idea since I landed right on it first time, crushing it. A bit later I was hopping across a long 10x10cm offcut of wood. It’s a kinda interesting thing to learn. To hop on the spot, you keep the tyre under you. But to hop sideways, you need to arrange things so you start falling to the side, such that when you’re compressing pre-jump you’re pushing down back towards where your tyre is. Then you launch into the air, remembering to pull up onto the seat because the unicycle isn’t going to magically stick to your feet (i can attest to this). In mid-air, your tyre overtakes you so that it lands beyond your centre of gravity otherwise you’ll tip right over. Then hopefully you can hop a few times, and then line up for another jump.

I went out to the park later, where it was blowing a gale. Turns are improving – a few wide 360’s, still lurchy but getting better. I can freemount into a hop, then go from a hop into forward riding (need to set up a forward tip). I can sometimes manage to go from forward riding back into a hop, but it’s a bit hit-and-miss. I rode down one of the steeper paths in the park, and also rode back along the rough path near to the river.

I am, however, completely knackered now.