Training log

Last weekend, I did a loop out to Dalmeny Estate and managed to power up ‘the big hill’ without fading for the first time in my life. Midweek, I was climbing on Salisbury Crags, so did a sneaky wee two laps on my bike since I was there anyway albeit with about 5kg of stuff in my panniers. Today I dodged the rain to do a 10 mile fast-and-flap loop out to Portobello. Then, after watching the TdF, I went up to do one lap of Arthurs Seat on my city bike – 11m48s.

I feel I’ve got a decent hill-climbing base now, so I’m mixing in some longer rides to boost stamina. I still haven’t managed to get up north to seek out bigger hills yet. Time is running short too … 6 weeks to go before I’ll be in France.