Today, I rode the Pedal on Paliament ride on the muni. This morning I wasn’t quite sure if I could manage it, but I tried anyway and it was fine! There were thousands of cyclists there – stretching from the library all the way back to Melville Drive and then along the road some. It was all a bit stop/start near the beginning – which is very hard on a uni – and having lots of people around made freemounts twice as tough as normal. But once we got down the Royal Mile things flowed more freely, although long downhills are .. you guessed it … pretty hard on a unicycle. Still, lots of fun and a nice sunny day for it.

2 thoughts to “Politics”

  1. So you must have been the other unicyclist at Pedal on Parliament!
    I think there were only two of us.

    I was there too, on my 26″ Muni ….. someone took a picture of me here:

    There’s also video here:
    Look out for me 5m44s in!

    Next good place to go for off-road practice is along the Water of Leith, and then up near the Reservoirs, near Currie and Bonaly. It’s a good place to hone skills at going up and down slopes on rough-ish terrain.

    After that, you can ‘graduate’ to the Mountain Bike trails at Glentress – the Green and Blue runs there are both rideable on one wheel. And they are only a 45 min drive south of Edinburgh.
    Check out: http://7stanesmountainbiking.com/Glentress—Innerleithen

  2. Ah, cool! Nice bit of slow riding there!. There’s another video which catches you passing Greyfriar’s Bobby – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QgOIgCCA6U (at 5:19)

    I started quite far back – almost on Melville Drive. Don’t think i ended up on any photos/vids.

    Thanks for the route tips. I’ve been out to the reservoirs on a mtb before, and my recent muni forays into Dalmeny Estate have given me confidence to try more ambitious muni rides.

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