PROXY live

a PROXY show is a force to be reckoned with

2006 Hogmany: Ending the year in style at Cabaret Voltaire, with Dead Monkey and the reformed Coba Fynn. New song TWENTY SECONDS gets played for the first time.

2006: Whistle Binkies revisited, gaining some cheering fans by the end of the set and much indecision onstage as we decide at the last moment to cover Times Like These by the Foos (7/4 time fun)

2006: Henry's Cellar Bar, with the Axidents. Great fun, with crazy fans in the audience. A beer-spillingly, wall-punchingly good gig

2006: Bannermans, with Another Bendy Window and A Gay Boy Scene. However, Another Bendy Window pull out and A Gay Boy Scene aren't allowed into the pub (rock and roll). So PROXY play an extended set, adding in a few extra songs which we didn't expect to play. Joe (soundtech) opens with a solo vocals+bass slot. We play Really Sorry (Buddy Holly) for the first time, which people like a lot, woo!

2006: Bongo Club, with 8 Million Ways To Die and Tiny Monkey: Top performance. Got positive reviews too. We add in Sardines, a song by Iain's old band BUGMONKEY, which goes down a treat.

2005: Whistle Binkies: Intimate pub gig, with a crowd of strangers and some friendly faces.

2005: Subway, with Tiny Monkey: Top gig on front of 120 lovely people. We played all the material from the TIGERSHAPED CD, and play Days Like These for the first time.

2004: Icanthus, Waverly Bridge: A warmup with four piece lineup (Rory on second guitar, before he moved away) at an open mic, debuting Slasherflick and Only Wrote, plus a cover of Sunshine of your Love.