29 July 2008

After a minor hiatus, PROXY will be playing the Ark (Edinburgh) at around 7pm on Tuesday 29th July. See our myspace page for more recent info.


23rd April 2007

This Friday, PROXY will be delivering musical mayhem at the Subway Cowgate, with support from The Axidents and Dead Monkey. We're going to be playing around the UK this year, so catch us in Edinburgh whilst you can. As a bonus, we'll have some limited copies of our latest recording to give away at this gig.

That's Friday 27th, doors open from 7pm and entry is 3UKP.


29th Dec 2006

PROXY are kickstarting Edinburgh's Hogmany season with a gig at Cabaret Voltaire next Friday (Dec 29th). We promise a beer-spillingly, wall-punchingly awesome show of musical magnificence. Doors open at 7.30 and it'll cost 3UKP. The lineup is:

The venue is easy to find. Stand at the Tron Kirk. Fall over, and roll down the Blair St hill. Stop just before you get to the bottom. You have reached Cabaret Voltaire. It's a stunning venue. Hope to see you there!


27th November 2006

Ow, my head hurts. We played Henry's Cellar Bar last night with The Axidents. Man, they have some crazy and enthusiastic fans. Our set went pretty damn well; we threw in an unplanned punk version of Stand By Me because we thought it'd be fun too. The Axidents are a top band with lots of fine catchy tunes .. there was lots of dancing, spilling of beer and some clashing of heads (ow!). I'm still humming the Axident's tunes today.

Next up is Cabaret Voltaire on the 29th December - more details soon!

In other news, we futzed with myspace until it relented and gave us our own band page, so now we can have, like, friends and stuff ...


30th July 2006

Phew, Bannermans was fun, sweaty, and high paced. Well, high-paced once we got on stage, but unfortunately that happened an hour later than advertised due to the slowest soundcheck in the world (we got there at 7pm and had to sit around for ages). But all's well that ends well and we played the new song, TIAA, which arguably is what you get if you were to cross Incubus with Busted. Go figure. James has photos from the gig on flickr, and there's lots more on our photo page.

The lyrics page now has words for TIAA, Sardines and Days Like These.

We experimented with doing room recordings during rehearsal a few weeks ago. It turned out pretty good (Presonus Inspire + iBook, a very tasty and combination). So we're probably going to do some informal recording of our current set and stick it up on the interwebnet. Then we'll get back to our more laborious "proper" recording, which is really just an excuse for us all to much around with computers more.


23rd July 2006

Rar, we're playing at Bannerman's tomorrow (Monday) - we're playing first. By way of teaser, we've put up the lyrics for our new song, Thrown It All Away, which will be being debuted tomorrow night. We've just finished writing it; we think it's awesome! :-)


29th June 2006

After a very fun gig at Bannermans in March we are delighted to announce that we'll be playing there again on Monday 24th July. If the series of brutal assaults on band members by seemingly inanimate mic stands is to continue then Iain should beware...

The other bands are still to be confirmed but details should be available shortly. Doors are at 8.45pm.


14th June May 2006

Our song "Slasherflick" is used in the machinima film Bloodspell (episode 4), released by Strange Company today. Check it out at We like Hugh; check out his review of our Subway gig earlier this year. ;-)


2nd May 2006

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Bongo Club, we really enjoyed playing what was definitely our best gig yet! Thomas is still seeking counselling to get over a new fear of mic stands!

Photos: PROXY by James, TINY MONKEY (mostly) by DomC, and 8MWTD by various.

We've got a gig lined up for later this month, we'll be playing at Bannermans on Wednesday 31st May, doors at 8.45pm. The other bands on the bill are A GAYBOY SCENE and ANOTHER BENDY WINDOW. We'll hopefully be playing a couple of new songs for the first time so come along and have a listen.


22nd February 2006

Woo, we're lining up another few gigs. We'll be playing at the Bongo Club on Holyrood Road at 7.30pm, March 23rd, along with 8 MILLION WAYS TO DIE and the new incarnation of TINY MONKEY. Check out the funky e-flyer. We're also planning a gig in Glasgow shortly afterwards, and a reunion gig with some of Iain's ex-bandmates shortly afterwards.


16th June 2005

We have another gig lined up. It's part of the band showcase at Whistle Binkies. Proxy will be playing on Tuesday 28th June at about 11pm in Whistle Binkies on South Bridge. Hope to see some friendly faces there!


2nd May 2005

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Subway on Thursday. It was an excellent gig! There are some photos of the gig online, thanks to Michelle.

Set list: Slasherflick, Sunshine, Only Wrote, Cars, Mort, When I Come Around, Days Like These, Funky Bluez Thing, So Into You, Rock Show, Tigershaped, Foxy Muffin Man.


26th April 2005

Tigershaped, the title track from our CD, is currently the MP3 of the week over at the University's Untapped Talent website.


8th April 2005

For your pleasure, the lyrics from the Tigershaped CD are now all online.


4th April 2005

Following the escape of the "Tigershaped" CD, a caffeine fueled PROXY will be gigging at the Subway (Cowgate) on Thursday 28th April, along with Edinburgh's finest guitar-wielding primates, TINY MONKEY.

It's an early gig. Doors open at 7.30pm, and the first band will be on around 8.30pm. The Scrubway is under George IV Bridge, and it'll be 3UKP on the door.