#deved: edinburgh software companies

This is a list of 56 Edinburgh companies which employ software developers. The list is maintained by Andrew Birkett.

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Last addition: Djangohouse, added 2019-11-09.

Amazon are an online seller of books, and just about everything else these days.
Waverly Gate, 2-4 Waterloo Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EG map
Analog Devices formerly Edinburgh Portable Compilers
Analog's Edinburgh offices produce compilers and development kits for their DSP products.
65 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5HD map
Aridhia Informatics Ltd
Aridhia is a healthcare informatics company; we started with the conviction that effective healthcare analytics demands a ground-up, multi-disciplinary approach.
Sumerian, Hobart House, 80 Hanover St, Edinburgh EH2 1EL map
Axios Systems
Axios produce help desk software and ITIL service management software
60 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7HF map
Bad Dinosaur
Our mission is to provide a complete service for anyone who wants to be in the tech industry, taking you from an idea in your head to your first paying customers and beyond. We'll take care of the design, development and web hosting. We'll even help you get funding to build it.
6/3 Beaverhall Road, Edinburgh EH7 4JE map
Black Company Studios
Formed in early 2005, we offer software outsourcing services to other studios in the games industry, as well as general software consulting. When we're not busy working for other people, we're working on our own development projects.
3 Buccleuch Terrace, Edinburgh EH8 9NB map
Blackford Analysis
Blackford software transforms the process of study comparison for radiologists. It allows them to pinpoint an area of interest in one study, and automatically link to the same point in any other MR, CT or PET scan.
The Royal Observatory, Blackford Hill, Edinburgh. EH9 3HJ map
Blazing Griffin
Blazing Griffin are an indie game studio developing original PC and mobile games.
127 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh EH2 4BB map
Bolt Learning
Bolt Learning is an award-winning e-learning provider with offices in London Edinburgh and Paisley. Our self-built SaaS platform allows our clients to deliver high-quality training content across their organisations, and our in-house editor allows our skilled team of designers and educationalists to create effective and engaging training.
3 Queen Charlotte Lane, Edinburgh EH6 6AY map
Broadridge develops software for banks, broker dealers and asset managers to trade on financial markets and manage risk.
Exchange Place 2, 5 Semple Street, Edinburgh EH3 8BL map
Canon Medical Research Europe formerly Toshiba Medical Visualization Systems/Barco/Voxar
Canon's Edinburgh offices produce 3D visualization software for medical imaging as well as analysis / machine learning, and platform & application development.
Bonnington Bond, 2 Anderson Place, Edinburgh EH6 5NP map
Cardinal IT
Cardinal IT is an Edinburgh based software development company specialising in the development of Internet enabled applications and SaaS(Software as a Service) solutions.
12 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh EH2 4AX map
CereProc has developed the world's newest and most innovative speech synthesis system. Our advanced voice engine, CereVoice, is equally happy on embedded systems like smart phones and on traditional IT platforms.
Appleton Tower, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9LE map
Cisco Systems
3rd Floor, Building 4, 96 Commercial Quay, Commercial Street, Edinburgh EH6 6LX map
Cloudsoft enables enterprises to develop, deploy and manage business-critical distributed applications in the cloud
Appleton Tower 8.12, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9LE map
Codeplay are internationally recognized experts in advanced optimizing technologies, compilers and programmable graphics. We have been providing acceleration solutions that optimize performance for graphics semiconductor designers and AAA game developers since 1999.
45 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3HP map
Craneware, Inc. is a leading supplier of business intelligence and revenue cycle software that provides clients with chargemaster management software and products designed to optimize legitimate reimbursements and assist in managing the revenue cycle through better information, workflow, pricing strategy, capture of lost revenue and best practice modeling
1 Tanfield, Edinburgh EH3 5DA map
CriticalBlue is a software technology company operating at the leading edge of solution development within some of the most complex and challenging software environments. Approov enables software attestation for mobile apps. It allows your apps to uniquely identify themselves as the genuine, untampered software images you originally published
181 The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9RU map
DeltaDNA formerly Games Analytics
We are a rapidly growing arm of the Unity family situated in beautiful Edinburgh, Scotland. We provide the technology and expertise needed to make games better for the players that play them.
25 Greenside Place, Edinburgh EH1 3AA map
DEM Solutions
DEM Solutions Ltd develops and markets turnkey computer-aided engineering (CAE) software for high-resolution modelling of the handling, processing and manufacture of discrete solids
20 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EP map
We are an Edinburgh-based software specialist team. We help entrepreneurs and established companies flourish and grow through custom build solutions for any needs and wants of the businesses.
101 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh EH2 3JG map
EBS Europe Limited
We develop web-based business management and e-commerce software on our Inforgen platform and specialise in solutions for retail, resort spas and field services.
Cavalry Park Business Centre, Kingsmeadows Road, Peebles EH45 9BU map
The University of Edinburgh, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Mayf ield Road, Edinburgh EH9 3JZ map
Eveve Software Ltd
Eveve is an independent, agile software house which has provided sophisticated software solutions to business for 11 years.
27 Woodburn Terrace EH10 4SS map
FanDuel formerly Hubdub, Kotikan
Founded in Edinburgh in 2009, FanDuel started on a journey to revolutionise the $4 billion American Fantasy Sports market and have emerged as the leader in the daily fantasy space.
Quartermile One, 15 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9EN map
Fortinet formerly Zonefox
FortiInsight helps detect and prevent insider threat with user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA). Acquisition of Zonefox, who were a company that "specialises in helping their customers protect their business-critical assets; data and IP. ZoneFox has a proven track record protecting reputation, sales revenue, and competitive advantage by providing the next generation of data layer monitoring and analytics."
Floor 6, 40 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh EH3 8JB map
SaaS Accounting Software
FreeAgent Central, 40 Torphichen Street, Edinburgh EH3 8JB map
GeoWise is a leading international provider of Internet-based reporting solutions for the management and delivery of geographic and statistical information. The company offers a range of innovative products and services to support more effective knowledge management
28 Maritime Lane, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6RZ map
IBM nowadays position themselves as an eBusiness suppliers
21 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 1AY map
IceRobotics develop biomimetic sensors and actuators for use in dairy farm automation.
Unit 6 Steading Bankhead, Bankhead Rd, South Queensferry EH30 9TF map
Indigo Vision
Indigo Vision are a leading manufacturer of IP Video solutions.
Bush Loan, The Edinburgh Technopole, Edinburgh EH26 0PJ map
Infogistics Limited is an Edinburgh-based company founded by internationally recognized experts in the fields of text-mining and document retrieval
The Studio, Crichton's Close, Edinburgh EH8 8DT map
Infographics is a successful specialist software developer, focused on niche markets where organisations typically operate within high-risk/high-skill 24x7 environments, such as fire and rescue and other professional service sectors.
Westcott House, 4 Ferrymuir, South Queensferry, Edinburgh. EH30 9QZ map
Livecode formerly Runtime Revolution
Runtime Revolution was founded in 1997 with the goal of empowering rapid creation of applications for enterprise, commercial, creative and academic environments. Using an intuitive and robust programming language, LiveCode is a modern descendent of natural-language technologies such as Apple's HyperCard, and enables software creation for everyone - from entrepreneurs to researchers, educators to enterprise software developers
66 Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QZ map
Mapix Technologies
Advice, Implementation and development of land and marine GIS software applications, including the provision of bespoke ArcGIS training.
47 Timber Bush, Edinburgh EH6 6QH map
Mastercard formerly DataCash
DataCash is a payment processing company which offers a global gateway to secure multi-channel payment processing, fraud and risk management services.
Ocean Point, Ocean Drive, EH6 6JH map
Maxymiser is the global expert in Customer Experience Optimization, including multivariate testing and personalization solutions.
2 Dean Path, Edinburgh EH4 3BA map
Mercurytide is a forward thinking, dynamic and innovative internet applications development company
3 Queen Charlotte Lane, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6AY map
The world's leading cloud native communications software company
160 Causewayside, Edinburgh EH9 1PR map
miiCard's Online Identity Verification service builds trust by proving who you really are.
5 Gayfield Square, Edinburgh EH1 3NW map
Mobile Acuity is a technology company enabling interactive brand marketing campaigns using their Visual Interactivity™ platform.
Mobile Acuity Limited, Appleton Tower 6.15, 11 Crichton Street, Edinburgh EH8 9LE map
No Need 4 Mirrors
NN4M develop and manage mobile commerce solutions for some of the UK’s largest retailers including Debenhams, House of Fraser, Mothercare and River Island. We have developers across the main mobile platforms iOS, Android, Windows and also do a lot of server side development mostly in LAMP technologies.
18 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3LH map
Opentop Software Factory
We target SME's for web based application development using the smartshore philosophy of analysis and management onshore and development from central europe.
2 Hillpark Road, Edinburgh EH4 7AS map
Oracle do databases. Nuff said!
4/5 Lochside View, Edinburgh Park, Edinburgh EH12 9DH map
Portrait Software formerly Quadstone
Portrait Software enables organizations to engage with each of their customers as individuals, resulting in improved customer profitability, increased retention, reduced risk, and outstanding customer experiences. This is achieved through a suite of innovative, insight-driven applications which empower organizations to create enduring one-to-one relationships with their customers.
39 Melville Street, Edinburgh EH3 7JF map
ResearchSpace's vision is to provide a (killer) collaboration and communication application to scientists, enabling them to leverage the internet to go about their core research mission in a more efficient and productive, and less stressful way
24 Fountainhall Road, Edinburgh EH9 2LW map
Rockstar are the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series of games.
Calton Square, 1 Greenside Row, Edinburgh EH1 3AP map
Earning our stripes by creating the most advanced awareness control systems for the latest generation of unmanned systems, including autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and remotely operated vehicles (ROV), SeeByte has successfully integrated technology into land, air and sea solutions
Orchard Brae House, 30 Queensferry Road EH4 2HS map
SkyScanner is a search engine that helps visitors find the cheapest flight to anywhere within Europe
Quartermile One, 15 Lauriston Place, Edinburgh EH3 9EN map
Storm Ideas
Storm Ideas is a small shiny team of passionate developers and designers based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We make quality products and deliver expert services.
The Corn Exchange, 35 Constitution Street, Edinburgh EH6 7BS map
Sumdog formerly Crocodile Clips
At Sumdog, we want to help every child enjoy mathematics and spelling. Our online learning service is used by millions of children worldwide. It adapts to each individual, using engaging game-based learning to motivate and build confidence.
43 Queensferry Street Lane EH2 4PF map
Teoco formerly CIQUAL
Teoco (previously CIQUAL) brings a new level of customer experience visibility and management to mobile operators.
Abbey Business Centre, Abbey House, 83 Princes Street, Edinburgh EH2 2ER map
We specialise in Open Source Support, EPoS Systems and Web Solutions.
22/2 Young Street North Lane, Edinburgh EH2 4JD map
Union Technologies
Union Tech is a leading provider of creative digital solutions for the Advertising and Marketing industries.
18 Inverleith Terrace EH3 5NS map
Winterwell applies cutting-edge techniques from maths, computer science and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve real-world problems
3F3 123 Nicolson Street EH8 9ER map
Zonal produce electronic Point-of-sale systems
24 Forth Street EH1 3LH map