Lower stanchion

lower_stanchion.jpg This is the bottom end of the chrome stanchion. It's not just a hollow tube - here you can see holes for the fork oil to flow through. Also, this gubbins inside the fork means that it narrows at the bottom, and hence the damper rod doesn't just fall staight through.

Anyhow, I hope that you find this useful. Once you see what's going on inside the fork, everything makes a bit more sense. If you've got leaking fork seals, fix them quick before they dribble oil down onto your brakes. Check the chrome stanchion for corrosion - it's the most likely reason why the seal failed. Putting gaiters around the fork legs help stop them getting chipped by stones, and stops flies and other debris from getting near the seal. I'd always replace the dust seal, fork seal and upper/lower bushes as a set - if one part has failed, the others are probably unhealthy too.

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